Richard said the ‘Quick-Build’ storage container would be assembled yesterday, but I hadn’t taken notice of the size and was expecting something smaller.   In fact, it is 2 metres by 4 metres, and the working party assembling it must have been glad to have the JCB’s help.

The container which will eventually house our heavier equipment, (folding tables, chairs, tents, display boards, and so on), is now in place at the site where SSBR’s new Archive building will be at Fambridge Yacht Haven.

Committee members Richard Walsh, Don Wright and Mark Allinson struggled excessive heat yesterday at North Fambridge to start this first phase of the Archive move.   The container was assembled with the help of the hearty marina crew:  Ellie, Thomas, Ian and Oran. Thanks also to Yard Manager Paul Wiggins.

Meanwhile it’s all happening at the company building the Archive unit and plans are being made for delivery in early September.

These pictures, courtesy of Mark Allinson and Richard Walsh, show the container going from flatpack to finished job.